Column: Zak Brown savoring McLaren's slow return to glory

(AP Photo/Luca Bruno)

MONTEREY, Calif. (AP) What does champagne taste like when chugged from a dirty shoe?

Zak Brown doesn't know the answer to the question he's been asked in the week since McLaren broke a nine-year Formula One losing streak with a 1-2 sweep in Italy. Daniel Ricciardo celebrates his victories with a "shoey" - using his racing boot as a champagne glass during the podium presentation.

Brown, the 49-year-old American in charge of McLaren Racing since 2018, was not going to miss a shoey. So he tilted his head back and let Ricciardo drain his boot into Brown's wide-open mouth as runner-up Lando Norris egged on the dousing of the boss.


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